T 4 2 BITS

This is a short work (a noise poem of sorts) that toys with statements (misquotes) taken from Turing’s well known 1951 paper ‘’Computing Machinery and Intelligence.’’ It was included in the Take Tea With Turing anthology. In part, the work parodies the notion of The Imitation Game. In this example the participants consist of: (1) ‘the producer’; (2) the ‘voice artist’; (3) ‘the machine’. The machinic utterances might suggest whom it is that has been assigned the role of ‘the machine’, but can we really be certain? What part does the ‘the producer’ play in all of this? Ultimately, ‘the producer’ could claim that the work results from his/her creative intelligence alone; but is this an accurate assessment? What about the importance of ‘the machine’ in all of this? Can we perhaps imagine an intelligent machine, with a wry sense of humour, that is responsible for such a work? I would like to think so. It could also be suggested that in any such computer mediated creative activity, developers, and their technologies, always remain part of the game irrespective of the producer’s exclusive claim to authorship.