Octosono is a series of sound based events that I have been curating at the Interview Room 11 gallery in Edinburgh. The purpose is to highlight sonic art, acousmatic, and computer music that is produced specifically for multichannel presentation. Although there is an ever expanding repertoire of octophonic projects (those featuring eight audio channels exclusively), opportunities to hear examples of this material are relatively uncommon outside academia. The venue is an intimate gallery space and each session caters for approximately 15-20 attendees, so it’s a small group of listeners auditioning works at close quarters; though this is also the default arrangement because of the output level of the sound system; it simply wouldn’t work so well in a larger space. Presentations utilise a modest rig consisting of 2 x Genelec 8040a and 6 x Genelec 8020a which, in relation to the scale of the venue, appears to be more than adequate at this time.

Octosono1-4 Octosono1-1
octosono-10-04-14 100-days29



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